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Nadia’s Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask

So I hope everyone read my new post in the "Products You Need" tab about Nadia Neumann's book Glow. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (also homemade recipe goddess). Today I did her Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask with only one modification. The recipe calls for bentonite clay, French green clay, water, and apple cider vinegar. I… Continue reading Nadia’s Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask

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Eating For Your Skin

What is the secret to "the glow" ?! It's more than just skin deep, lemme tell ya (*ba dum chh*) Working as an athletic trainer, I have come across so many different types of people. From the pee wee football ages 5-14, high school students, college students,  professional athletes, to the everyday mom and dad,… Continue reading Eating For Your Skin

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Face Toner …can also be used on armpits?

The miracle toner has been found! At least for me haha. But seriously this stuff is worth a look! Alcohol-free witch hazel mixed with organic rose water and aloe packs a cleansing punch for my pores.  I typically have big pores that drive me crazy, but after ONE WEEK of using this product morning and… Continue reading Face Toner …can also be used on armpits?