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The Ultimate Body Wash

Does your body wash leave a film on your skin? Dry out your skin? Clog your pores? There is a body wash that exists that will NOT do these things!! The African Black Soap Body Wash by Nubian Heritage will totally change your skin. I have been using this product for about 2 years now… Continue reading The Ultimate Body Wash

Homemade Remedies

Essential Oil 101

Have you been bombarded by people saying they use essential oils recently? What they heck are they and why are they so great and why won't everyone leave me alone about them already?! Take a seat, my friend. Essential oils by definition are oils derived from the essence of a plant. Super Extra Extremely Ridiculously… Continue reading Essential Oil 101

Homemade Remedies

Nadia’s Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask

So I hope everyone read my new post in the "Products You Need" tab about Nadia Neumann's book Glow. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (also homemade recipe goddess). Today I did her Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask with only one modification. The recipe calls for bentonite clay, French green clay, water, and apple cider vinegar. I… Continue reading Nadia’s Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask

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Eating For Your Skin

What is the secret to "the glow" ?! It's more than just skin deep, lemme tell ya (*ba dum chh*) Working as an athletic trainer, I have come across so many different types of people. From the pee wee football ages 5-14, high school students, college students,  professional athletes, to the everyday mom and dad,… Continue reading Eating For Your Skin

Products you need

Face Toner …can also be used on armpits?

The miracle toner has been found! At least for me haha. But seriously this stuff is worth a look! Alcohol-free witch hazel mixed with organic rose water and aloe packs a cleansing punch for my pores.  I typically have big pores that drive me crazy, but after ONE WEEK of using this product morning and… Continue reading Face Toner …can also be used on armpits?

Ladies Only

Organic Tampons/Pads

Do you know that currently..... companies do not legally have to disclose the ingredients put in our feminine products? Hm... I think I should know what ingredients are literally sitting in my vagina for hours on end and for a full week every month. Here is a great Harvard research paper on Tampon Regulation History.… Continue reading Organic Tampons/Pads

Ladies Only

Feminine Wash

I of course have to have a section for the lovely women I know! This is definitely an all call for any products that anyone has or uses that they love.... sharing is caring yo. I cannot tell you how many prayers of thanks I have sent to the Lord for letting me find Nene… Continue reading Feminine Wash