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The Ultimate Body Wash

Does your body wash leave a film on your skin? Dry out your skin? Clog your pores? There is a body wash that exists that will NOT do these things!! The African Black Soap Body Wash by Nubian Heritage will totally change your skin.

I have been using this product for about 2 years now and have said goodbye to dry elbows, rough patches, and random acne patches. A little goes a long way and the palm ash helps exfoliate and clarify your pores.


A traditional African black soap has in combination water, roasted plantain skin/cocoa pod, palm oil, palm kernel oil/shea butter. When all mixed together the soap looks black. With all of these ingredients, African black soap is a natural source Vitamin A and E as well as iron. All of these help bring brightness back to the skin. A study was done on the overall satisfaction with African Black Soap as a treatment for Acne, Eczema, evening dark spots, razor bumps and overall skin care. The results were overwhelmingly good.

Here is a super cool video on how the black soap is made!


Nubian Heritage is not super small business (technically owned by Unilever and a faction of Sundial brands) But super affordable, which is always great! I purchased these bottles at Vitamin Shoppe, but the African Black Soap Bath Bar and bath bombs is definitely sold at Target.

I use this body wash in the shower pretty much daily, followed up by the Organicleemade Mango Butter and I love how soft and glowy my skin has been.



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