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Nadia’s Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask

So I hope everyone read my new post in the “Products You Need” tab about Nadia Neumann’s book Glow. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (also homemade recipe goddess).

Today I did her Pore-Perfecting Clay Mask with only one modification. The recipe calls for bentonite clay, French green clay, water, and apple cider vinegar. I had everything but the French green clay so I figured I could still do a mask!

Following Nadias measurements, I mixed the clay water and apple cider vinegar (which fizzed and was so much fun).


I’m not too sure what witchcraft she used to get her clay so cleanly in that cute little wood bowl, but there’s my peasant messy bowl hahaha messy or not the consistency was a smooth paste (per recipe) and I was able to apply it on my face.

I hate using my fingers for masks and such so I bought a pair of the “mask applicators” off Amazon for super cheap and it has filled a void in my life!

mask applicator

The tips are a solid piece of silicone so super easy to clean and keep sterile for applying masks to your face.

Mask was applied and there was an instant tingle and I totally felt the pore tightening. Per Nadia, you don’t want to let it dry completely so I waited about 5-8 minutes with it on my face.20180802_164119

After I washed it off with warm water, the whole process took about 20 minutes! I am so excited to use this mask on the weekends before/after I have makeup on my face! It is literally so quick and easy. Nadia’s measurement recommendations makes the perfect amount for my whole face and my pores (we know how I am obsessed with them) are smaller than they were before. Such an easy win.

The jar of bentonite clay  will last me for a ton of masks and I can’t wait to see what else I can use it for.

Overall, 10/10 would do this mask again! Thank you Nadia!


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