Homemade Remedies

Essential Oil 101

Have you been bombarded by people saying they use essential oils recently? What they heck are they and why are they so great and why won’t everyone leave me alone about them already?! Take a seat, my friend.

Essential oils by definition are oils derived from the essence of a plant. Super Extra Extremely Ridiculously concentrated plant is what an essential oil is. They have been used for thousands of years by apothecaries, herbalists, physicians, healers, and now us! Scientifically, the oils can be broken down to the molecular level and viewed reacting with our cells. Essential oils is viewed as “Eastern” medicine because the Western world is hyper obsessed with studies and statistics that they discount Eastern practices which are typically traditional, holistic, natural, generational type healing. Using the plants, animals, and objects given to us. So because the Eastern side of medicine isn’t studied to death on lab rats, there is little statistical data on the efficacy of essential oils on humans.

That being said. Don’t knock it til you try it. Because…… it works. And the effects are real. Do they work the same for everyone? No. But its more natural than those bottles of synthetic medication you have in the medicine cabinet.

So okay you’ve heard the schpeal and you still want to try some essential oils. Yayyy!! Honestly this is truly a great part of life that I am so happy to share about. So I’m gonna go over some good tips and tricks on how to make essential oils a little less overwhelming.

  1. “So I can go pick up that 8 dollar bottle of peppermint oil at Walmart and it will cure my sinus issues?” Ehhhhhhh. Not all oils are created equal. What else would you purchase from Walmart that would put those expectations on though, really? The same goes for oils. We know that generic products are full of fillers and fake product to make us THINK we are getting a whole bottle of something, right? The best companies to purchase oils from are Young Living and Doterra. I guarantee right now you have a friend on Facebook or Instagram that is a rep. Hit them up and get some oils, dude!!walmart pepp
  2. A little goes a long way. If you are purchasing QUALITY oils, you should really only need 1 or 2 drops per use. These will be incredibly strong and concentrated and real overwhelming if you use too much. So, save your money and use less! Carrier oils help make the essential oils go a long way.
  3. Carrier oils? What is that? Basically a carrier oil will bond with the essential oil and literally carry it, haha. It helps spread the oil around more evenly if used as a topical. You don’t have to be super fancy and but jojoba oil or argan oil to use EO. Coconut oil and olive oil are excellent carrier oils! I bet you have one of those in your cupboard now, don’t you?
  4. STORAGE- You will notice the EO will come in a dark brown glass bottle typically. This is because UV and sunlight will damage the oil molecules. Basically rendering them inactive. EO will also breakdown and absorb into plastic. So make sure anything you make that has EO in it is stored in a dark glass container. Store your oils in a dark cool place!
  5. Are all oils safe for everyone? NO. There are many EO that are dangerous for children, pregnant mothers, and pets. Don’t forget how potent they are. Some oils CAN be ingested (Young Living has these marked as “Vitality” to help avoid confusion). EO take care to use so you make sure you are not over-doing it.

These are 5 starter tips I wish I knew when I started using EO. As I became more familiar and educated myself, it becomes second nature now. Welcome to the Essential Oil world! It’s amazing!

I will be posting different remedies and homemade blends using the oils so stay tuned!


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