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Eating For Your Skin

What is the secret to “the glow” ?! It’s more than just skin deep, lemme tell ya (*ba dum chh*) Working as an athletic trainer, I have come across so many different types of people. From the pee wee football ages 5-14, high school students, college students,  professional athletes, to the everyday mom and dad, sales employees, warehouse employees, truck drivers you name it… I have met very few people that could tell me the nutritional content of the food they eat. And what that food is doing to/for their arteries, organs and brain. Do you ever wonder?

If you could increase hair growth, nail strength, bone strength and organ function with a magic pill… would you? What if I told you that magic pill was broccoli? You absorb more from eating a cup of cooked/uncooked broccoli than  you do from a synthetic daily vitamin tablet.

We are what we eat, quite literally. So why not eat some food to make my skin glow and give me more energy? Well here it is folks, the lowkey inspiration for this whole blog venture. I read Glow by Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Nadia Neumann, and everything kind of clicked for me. Of course I have lived with the idea that fruit and veggies are healthy and sugar is bad and blah blah blah, but it wasnt until I read this book that I really REALIZED the power of food and what it could do for me.


Nadia provides outstanndinnnggg recipes for skin care and she explains the “why” we should use certain oils, like coconut or jojoba or castor, for different skin types. I totally did the “Pore Perfecting Clay Mask” today and will have a post coming up about how it went!

Anyways. So much is covered in this book. It is so educational in the beginning, breaking down the way our body processes carbs, sugars, and fats. Nadia gets into the different vitamins that help our skin and hair glow and what fried foods can do to our body’s largest organ (fun fact: its your skin).

Then of course there are recipes! Disclaimer: she is a nutritional therapist so some of the foods are REAL FANCY but I am sure they would be at Whole Foods or Sprouts (cause they have all the extra stuff haha). It is my plan to do some of these recipes and put them up so you know whats up! Stay Tuned ❤


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