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Face Toner …can also be used on armpits?

The miracle toner has been found! At least for me haha. But seriously this stuff is worth a look! Alcohol-free witch hazel mixed with organic rose water and aloe packs a cleansing punch for my pores. 59238

I typically have big pores that drive me crazy, but after ONE WEEK of using this product morning and night, my pores are visibly smaller! Horray! Something! I have spent countless dollars (oh what I would give to have that money back!) on brand name, network marketing, fancy face creams and cleansers. My skin has been brighter and more balanced since using this NINE DOLLAR product than it ever was with anything else.

Another great perk about Thayer’s is that, although they arent necessarily “Small Business” They are cruelty-free, sulfate free, and paraben free!! That is enough for me!

I know you’re asking “What does anything you’re saying have to do with armpits?” Well. I recently have been considering the transition to a natural deodorant…it just hasn’t happened yet because its apparently a process and I just get lazy sometimes, okay? I have been having a rough time with the bumpy skin on my under-arms whether it be razor bumps or deodorant build up…. they get irritating and make me self conscious.

So I was using this cleanser on my face one night and I figured I could try just wiping with a soaked cotton ball and see if it helps clear up some of the pores. Whaddaya know it sure did! This might be TMI but in the spirit of blogging and honest reviews…. here is a pic of my under arm after 3 days morning and night just wiping with a cleanser-soaked cotton ball.59259

I really need to get better at taking “Before” pictures.. but regardless, this level of skin clarity wasn’t there and this is definitely an exciting moment for me!

And that’s it. This product is great for cleansing pores (no matter the location haha!) and for being under 10$, totally worth a try.


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