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Organic Tampons/Pads

Do you know that currently….. companies do not legally have to disclose the ingredients put in our feminine products? Hm… I think I should know what ingredients are literally sitting in my vagina for hours on end and for a full week every month. Here is a great Harvard research paper on Tampon Regulation History.

The National Center for Health Research also did a post about how dioxins (the biproduct of turning wood pulp into Rayon) have been linked to cancer in animals and OH ALSO CANCER IN PEOPLE. But wait there’s more! Tampon manufacturers ADMITTED to using Asbestos in their tamps to “promote excessive bleeding in order to sell more of their product.”  And what sits in my private area for 7 whole days every month? What am I absorbing into my body?! Its really quite terrifying when you really get into it. We wonder why we are plagued with cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer, but we soak our lady bits with chemicals for 5-7 full days.

So what is there to do? Thankful for smaller businesses run by women who also bleed every month *waving* They have been making a splash with organic 100% cotton tampons and pads so far! I am sure you have all seen the ads come across your Facebook dash every now and then.

I use the brand Lola. I know there are others that my friends have tried out like Nene Organics, Cora, The Honest Company and even Target has come out with an organic cotton tampon brand! So hey ladies. We have options. We don’t have to buy products that are killing us and making our periods worse.

I have been through 3 cycles with Lola tampons and the BIGGEST change I have seen so far is the smell. BEGONE period smell!! I am free of you! Whatever is in Always unscented tamps did not work for me, clearly, and its gone and done.

Lola has a situation where you sign up and get it shipped to you on a monthly or whatever you set it as- basis. Which is kinda nice. Cause the box comes in the mail a few days before my period usually starts and it reminds me that I’m not truly this bitchy at heart, but there is a scientific explanation!

If you hate the idea of flushing money down the toilet (pretty much, right?) you can always get a reusable Menstrual Cup! menstrualcup

The featured is the Lotus Discharge Cup from Nene Organics. This one specifically has like a valve that’s pretty sweet so you don’t have to take the cup all the way out every time (like oh in a public restroom. gross) But they are the economical choice and so much less wasteful than pads and tampons.

*SIDENOTE:* I’m prefacing with the fact I am an Earth Muffin now and I know it isn’t for everyone. But it doesn’t hurt anyone to be a little more considerate and aware of your environment… so using tamps with cardboard applicators is really better for the planet. The plastic applicators are, yes, way more comfortable and easier application… but for a one time use? To then end up on a beach in the Dominican Rep. or in the nose and stomach of a sea turtle? I’m just saying. It’s the little things. Every tampon applicator you’ve ever used is probably still on this planet somewhere because plastic doesn’t break down. *End Earth Muffin rant*

Anyways. Back to the bottom line: Take care of your pum! And don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to other women about feminine health and hygiene!! Don’t let your sisters be walkin’ around stanky, please :(( Save a vagina for real!

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