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Rice Water

Its Sunday and hair-wash day. Ladies, do you feel me?! So I figured today would be the perfect day to do a rice water mask on my hair, and a rice body scrub with the left overs.Screenshot_20180722-171921_Bitmoji

So when I first stumbled upon this amazing hair blog, I was looking on how to cook a specific rice dish and one of the links that came up was “How to Use Rice Water for Gorgeous Hair…” (don’t worry, there’s links to the studies on there for my science people)

Hmm… I AM obsessed with my hair and keeping it healthy so lemme bird walk for a minute. One minute in and I was hooked on trying it! Look at the pics of the Yao women! Like danngg okay I want that level of hair health. So here we are! Seems easy and cheap enough to make. And hey, I can use it for my skin too?? Let’s do it.

Basically a run down of the benefits are:

  • Rice water reduces surface friction and improves elasticity of the hair. Reducing breakage from brushing or knots. Preventing damage!
  • Amino Acids in the rice water strengthen the hair root as well as improve shine and softness (uhmmmm YES)
  • Rice water also helps the skin! It can reduce pore size and provides antioxidants for nourishment adding that extra glow *** I love glowing, don’t you??

Rice Water Instructions:

  1. I used this brown rice I got from Costco months ago. It hasn’t expired so I figure its good. You can use any type of rice you have. Jasmine, Basmati, Brown, White, Whatever! I used only one cup and that seemed to pack a punch.20180722_162016
  2.  Next I used a teeny tiny colander that my roommate had on the counter (but you should totally use a rice strainer/sifter if you have one) to wash the rice and get off all the dust.20180722_162115
  3. I then put the rice into a bowl and put enough water to cover the rice. I realized after the fact I could have done way more rice and way more water, but for the purposes of testing it out… I did about 3 cups of water 1 cup rice. In hindsight, I should have done a little more water. Applying it to my hair was a bit messy haha


  4.  In all honesty, Minaz (the blog author and ex Neuro Physiotherapist turned hair guru) says to soak for 20-30 minutes. I completely forgot about my rice and let it sit for about 50 minutes haha occasional mixing and stirring to get the nutrients mixed in to the water. This is what it looked like:
  5. So after I let it sit for 50 minutes I strained again and put in a carafe that I had on hand. You can use a mason jar any glass container with a lid!20180722_171541

All in all, this was super easy to do. I am going to make another post about what I do with the left over rice. Going to take Minaz’s advice and do a body scrub! I will post recipes and results as they happen 🙂


I had the totally great idea of crushing the left over rice to make a “exfoliating scrub.” Round 1, crushed all the rice with the flat side of a meat tenderizer (very therapeutic) but then didn’t have the oil I wanted to mix it with…. waited too many days and the damn rice got moldy.

Round 2: made more rice water, crushed the rice. Now, I used some softened mango butter (see Products You Need tab) and it blended together nicely.

Downside: uhhhh I had hella rice grains in my shower drain. BOOOOO. But, my legs were softer than butter SO it’s really up to you if you want to do the rice scrub with the leftover rice. I think for me and mines, I’m gonna do rice water the nights I eat rice.


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