Ladies Only

Feminine Wash

I of course have to have a section for the lovely women I know! This is definitely an all call for any products that anyone has or uses that they love…. sharing is caring yo. I cannot tell you how many prayers of thanks I have sent to the Lord for letting me find Nene Organics!! Seriously though, Ladies. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PUM. It is such a beautiful sacred part of us and we should treat it as such. MEANING keep the pH balanced! The smell natural! No yeast infections!

Nerissa Irving is the founder of Nene Fem Health, and truly she has taught me so much about natural feminine care and especially for pregnant mamas! Follow her on insta: @nerissanefeteri (she doesn’t even know I am alive on this planet but seriously shes gorgeous and I’m obsessed with her mission)

And buy this holy fem wash:Screenshot_20180722-181418_Instagram

It is ALL NATURAL and black business owned!! I used to suffer from monthly yeast infections (someone get me a wire brush forREAL) and just never feeling comfortable down there. I was washing daily with the Vagisil wash that had all sorts of chemicals and scents in it that were NOT conducive to be in my most private areas!!

When I found this product I have not gone back and I have not had a yeast issue since! Nene FemHealth sells additional feminine health products such as: Feminine sprays, suppositories, yoni eggs,  all natural pads, menstrual cups, and a ton of skin care products (I will definitely be trying and posting about) all supporting small business.

This bottle is 15$ and it has lasted me 6 months or more. It is a foam pump and also can be used as a face wash. Ingredients are: witch hazel, coconut oil, aloe, calendula flower extract, rose water, vegetable glycerin.

WAY better than this photo of the Vagisil wash ingredients:vagisil

like wow thanks so much for throwing some tea tree, chamomile, and calendula in there for me, while also drying me out and irritating my “intimate” skin with all the other crap in there.

Bottom line, Ladies. Take care of your pum. No matter what age you are. And check out Nerissa’s company! Seriously she has so much good stuff.


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