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Mango Butter

Shea butter, mango butter, real butter, margarine?! What do all these mean!

I know there’s so many different “organic” and “natural” products being bandied about these days its hard to discern whats actually made of the real stuff and whats not. One way to think about it is: Where are you getting it from? If your purchasing your skin care products from a mass produced line such as Neutrogena, Johnson&Johnson, Estee Lauder, Bath and Body Works etc…. chances are that there are a ton of fillers in the products. To make them affordable to the masses, products have to be diluted. BOOOO. But, alas, the way things are.

To digress from feeding my dollars into a corporations pocket I make the effort to support small businesses and small batch made skin care products. What “Small Batch” means is that the products are made in smaller quantities usually to order. This means that the quality of the ingredients will likely be higher and have MORE of the product you’re paying for on the label actually in the container! Small business owners tend to have a passion for the products they sell, and put more time and energy into customer satisfaction than a machine and conveyor belt with 5,000 bottles of Aveeno lotion waiting to be shipped.

Anyways, getting to the point. ORGANICLEE MADE MANGO BUTTER  Just get it and your skin with glow in thanks, I PROMISE.20180719_163952

Benefits of Mango Butter:

Hydrates the skin, Softens and protects skin, Helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles, Supports skin elasticity, Minimizes stretch marks, Lessens hyperpigmentation, Acts as a natural sunblock, Perfect as a makeup primer, Excellent as a beard butter, Moisturize frizzy hair, Hair sealant—works with LOC & LCO methods as well.

Definitely agree with all of these and LAWWD thank you for the stretch mark cure!! I definitely believe we have to love ourselves the way we are but I am really not tryna ONLY SEE my stretch marks. This lotion has saved me! My stretch marks have faded to the point where I have to look hard to see them now. All around my skin is soft and glowy. I tell everyone that you will wake up feeling like Beyonce when you use this product (because its true).

The owner, Lee, is a Physical Therapist/Massage Therapist near El Segundo, CA and he is the greatest. I met him initially to find a referral point for some of my clients in that area, and he gave me a little sample of the mango butter to try. Whew, I tell ya my first full order was in the NEXT DAY.

Here is the link again and you get 15% off of your first order!!

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