About Me

Why I’m Here

So I’ve done it. I’ve started a blog. Here we go.

Really I think I decided to do this to keep all of my ideas in one place and also be able to give my friends a central location to find all my crazy body care remedies. I also support small businesses. I have recently found a few really good products that deserve to be shared. My intent is not to advertise and make money; but to give an honest review of some small business, small batch, or homemade products that have helped me in my skin care, hair care, feminine care, and life care journey. Who  doesn’t want to share that with friends?! I want to create a space where the truly GOOD products that are SMALL BUSINESS MADE or made in your own home can be noticed. I will be posting links to a TON of people I know and follow and support, because I believe they should be shared! Their products or words or service has positively impacted my life and I just want to freely share that with whoever wants to know. Please share products/recipes with me and I would love to try them!

Should there be anyone out there that doesn’t already know me, me llamo Rachel. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, California and perpetually spoiled with sunshine and a nice breeze. I am a millennial (with pride, because we don’t eat Tide Pods) so naturally my savings account is not impressive, but I am working on it! I am a Cancer, but I promise to keep my whining to myself and only complain when it’s valid haaaaa. I have a dog. A pitbull Mastiff mix and he is the love of my life…. His name is Bronson . And Brons and Beeb and Nugget (when he was 7 pounds he looked like a chicken nugget and hes still mine *heart eyes emoji*).

I am a Certified Athletic Trainer. No, I won’t train you or help you get in shape (I could if I wanted to, but go to 24hr fitness for that). AT’s are health care professionals that work with athletes on injury prevention rehab and emergency care (like blood and guts <3). I also have recently found a passion for essential oils and herbology… hence this whole new venture!

I would be honored if even one person read this ridiculous idea, so like I said, here we go. I am excited to take this journey of discovery!

Here’s me btw:



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